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At Best Virginia Heating and Cooling, we provide a range of professional heating, air conditioning, and air quality services to the residents of South Charleston, WV and nearby areas. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on keeping the people of South Charleston comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. We have developed a strong reputation in the community for superior HVAC service and keen attention to detail and you can feel confident when you work with us that you’ll be treated with the utmost respect, honesty, and integrity throughout the entire process.

Are you looking for trusted heating, AC, or air quality service in South Charleston, WV, or any of the surrounding areas? Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment so we can get the process started.

Superior Heating Solutions in South Charleston, WV

When you work with the team at Best Virginia Heating and Cooling, you can expect the highest quality heating repair, installation, and maintenance in the South Charleston area. If your home uses a standard furnace or a heat pump, we have a wide range of experience servicing all makes and models to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. Some of the telltale signs that your furnace isn’t functioning as smoothly as it should, include:

  • Higher than average heating bills without using more

  • Disruptive banging or knocking while your furnace is running

  • The furnace takes a long time to reach the temperature you’ve set

  • The air coming out of your vents is lukewarm or cool

If you notice any of these signs, or there’s some other reason you feel your furnace isn’t running at full capacity, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can come out and assess the situation.

Reasons to Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

If your air conditioning isn’t running at full capacity during a typical South Charleston summer, you and your family are going to be terribly uncomfortable, and some family members may even suffer health effects. We offer reliable AC repair services that will get your air conditioner up and running again, but you can prevent issues from happening in the first place by scheduling regular maintenance visits. After we inspect your AC system, clean all the moving parts, and make any minor repairs that are needed, you should have problem-free operation when you need it most. Here’s some of what you can expect when you have maintenance performed on your AC system:

  • Improved energy efficiency and lower monthly bills

  • More consistent performance throughout the rooms of your house

  • Improved comfort in better quality sleep

  • A longer lifespan for your AC system

Possible Effects of Poor Air Quality in South Charleston, WV

Indoor air quality plays a big role and your overall comfort level. With so many potential airborne contaminants like bacteria, pathogens, viruses, dust, pet dander, and more, it’s important to have access to professional air quality testing and air quality solutions that will keep your air clean. We offer solutions such as UV air sanitizers, whole-home humidifiers, and whole-home dehumidifiers that will help you avoid many of the negative effects caused by impure air. Some of the signs that indicate you should call us for professional air quality testing include:

  • Frequent nosebleeds

  • Respiratory issues

  • Scratchy throat

  • Itchy or watery eyes

  • Dry or cracked skin and lips

  • Dry, brittle hair

  • Worsened allergy symptoms

A Complete Range of Quality Services in South Charleston, WV

We offer professional HVAC and air quality services in South Charleston that include:

Reasons to Work with Us

When you work with our team of HVAC experts, you’ll discover what our slogan “Only the Best for Your Family” is all about. We make a point of treating you just like a member of the family, so you feel safe, comfortable, and protected. We will always go out of our way to ensure you are completely satisfied with superior HVAC service and industry-leading customer service each and every time. Here’s some of what you can expect when you work with us:

  • 24-hour emergency service

  • Upfront and honest pricing with no hidden fees

  • Quality installation, repair, and maintenance on all makes and models

  • Flexible financing options

  • Friendly and courteous technicians that treat your home just like it was their own

When you need trustworthy heating, air conditioning, or air quality services in South Charleston, WV or the surrounding areas, get in touch with us for service you can count on.

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